“You can expect authentic personal stories that will complement, contrast or even contradict one another.”

Kamila web

Kamila Sidor

„You have to cooperate with the best to be able to compete on a global level“

Kamila grew up near the Belorussian border and did not even start learning English until she was twenty years old but that hasn’t stopped her from building a dynamic company with a team of over 90 women in many countries, including Japan, France and the United States. Kamila has an eye for innovation and sees shortcomings for what they are – room for improvement. Once, organizing an IT conference she realized how few women were getting involved, which inspired Kamila to create her own company that supports women in this field.
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Zuzana web

Zuzana Psotková

„Cooperation is taking two completely different things and creating something new.“

Zuzana lives and works in Košice, close to the border with both Hungary and Ukraine. In her work as an actress, director and theater manager she has used this geographical location to the utmost advantage, taking part and creating independent theater projects on the Slovak-Hungarian border that question the standard perceptions of national differences, animosities and connections. She also had a chance to experience international cooperation with western European partners that provided her with unexpected insights into the Central European mentality.
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Jiri web

Jiří Sýkora

„Cooperation in Central Europe is a way of honouring the past in this wonderfully diverse region.“

Jiří is a true Central European, at least in the geographical sense. He was born in Czech Silesia, near the border with Poland, did his university studies in Brno and Budapest, and is now living in Bratislava. Jiří has worked on promoting the history and culture of Czech Roma, as well as fostering partnerships among Central European nations. He values the diverse past of this region, because it shows us the potential for the future.
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Bogi web

Boglárka Mittich

„It is important to re-discover all the neighbours and what it means to be Central European“

Bogi criss-crosses borders her whole life, coming from a German Hungarian family, with whom she had the chance to travel to numerous countries from behind the Iron Curtain. After communism fell she took advantage of newfound freedoms participating in a year-long interdisciplinary research group in Berlin, an experience which helped her later found a collaborative art gallery in Budapest with her life partner Patrick, exhibiting works by local and foreign artists. To increase their project’s international visibility they created an international art prize, which this year will focus on Central European artists.
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