“You can expect authentic personal stories that will complement, contrast or even contradict one another.”


Milan Petr

There are no easy routes and no easy answers.

Milan is a small town boy who successfully climbed the corporate ladder in a global company. He became a senior executive, at one point overseeing projects from Czech Republic to Mongolia for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Then he decided that figuring out how to project a 3D dinosaur onto a ketchup bottle with his three kids is a better way to spend his time, so he moved back to Czech Republic to start his own augmented reality company.

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Szilárd István Pap

Sometimes all you need is one beautiful sentence and it all follows from there.

Szilárd comes from a little known and secluded ethnic Hungarian community in the more known Romanian Transylvania. Reading and writing were so important to him that he moved to Budapest, which he now calls home, in order to live in his favourite poems. He is a PhD. student at CEU, as well as journalist and activist.

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Kristína Mikulová

It is our time to lead.

Kristina was until recently a high-flying international consultant, she used to write for the Economist and has a PhD. from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Today she works for the Ministry of Finance in Slovakia and believes that to change the world it’s better to start at home and that small countries can be incubators for bold ideas.

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Piotr Nesterowicz

Take risks to pursue your strong passions.

If you had met Piotr five years ago, you probably wouldn’t realize that underneath the confident business swagger of the COO at one of the largest telecoms companies in Poland, there is a budding writer and someone who spends days thinking over a small detail of a story developing in his head. Since then, he published several critically acclaimed books of non-fiction and fantasy.

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