“Many people are now working together: in culture, in science, in business and politics – it is changing the understanding of boundaries and identity in the CEE.”


Julia Itin

Talk Show Host/Producer, Slovakia
Julia Itin is an International Relations professional that happily left the global film, media and entertainment industry for LEAF Leadership Academy, a developing boarding school for talented and engaged children from Central Europe. She has been volunteering for culture, education and social change NGOs for the last ten years and is particularly passionate about intercultural communication, Central and Eastern Europe and its transition from socialism to democracy from the perspective of civil society, social entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Nikolaus Hutter

Talk Show Host
Nikolaus Hutter is the Director of impact investment firm Angello Capital Partners, focused on youth unemployment in Central and Eastern Europe. He is also the initiator of the Investment Ready Program, an accelerator program for social innovators from the CEE region, and the CEE Impact Day, an annual gathering for impact investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners from the region.


Juraj Čorba

Co-creator and Advisor
Juraj Čorba is responsible for programme development and strategic partnerships at the Central European Foundation in Bratislava, Slovakia.

He believes in the value of good neighbourhood relations, which play a vital role in the Central and Eastern Europe´s future.


Štefánia Košková

Co-creator and Executive Producer
Štefánia Košková has been working as a manager, producer, advisor, researcher and data analyst with many international and local organisations in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe over the last decade and a half, on initiatives that give voice, engage and empower people in the pursuit of social change.

She is particularly interested in ways to harness innovation, communication and technology to make societies more tolerant and cohesive.


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